Build to Thrive

Expanding our center, hearts and horizons.

Jean Edelman Indoor Riding Center photos

In August of 2021, Cloverleaf opened the Jean Edelman Indoor Riding Arena after years of planning and fundraising. The opening of the Jean Edelman Indoor Riding Arena concludes the second phase of the three-phased Build to Thrive capital campaign project. Additional work included the construction of the Founders Arena, a new, lit, outdoor riding arena, extensive foundation and infrastructure work, expanded parking, and an accessible playground in memory of Kristen Cubbage.


Key highlights of the Build to Thrive project:

  • 17,000 square feet of indoor riding space for clients, the Harbitter
    Learning Center for training and other meetings.
  • A client observation area offering comfortable space for family members.
  • Restrooms — a volunteer and client favorite after 40+ years of port-a-potties.
  • Construction of a 20-stall center aisle barn (in the planning phase).

Coming Soon: Phase Three

The third and final phase will include the construction of a 20-stall center aisle barn. Initial planning for this phase began Summer 2022, with construction to begin upon completion of successful fundraising. Learn about what’s coming, and support it through our Capital Campaign.

Tremendous thanks to Jean and Ric Edelman!

Their extraordinary vision and generosity enabled us to launch this project. And big thanks to the volunteer building committee, led by John Tuthill, and then Gary Cubbage, for their hours of work.

Help Push Us Towards the Finish Line

Many naming opportunities remain for the Build to Thrive project. Donations and volunteers have continued to allow Cloverleaf to grow and thrive. Donate to the Build to Thrive project today!