Join the Cloverleaf Legacy Circle

Become part of the Cloverleaf legacy with planned giving.


You can make a lifelong impact on Cloverleaf and our community by making a planned gift – a donation made as part of your tax or estate planning that will positively impact Cloverleaf for years to come.

Planned Giving-Theyre the Best

In an act of extraordinary generosity and vision, Jean and Ric Edelman donated $1 million to Cloverleaf at the end of 2021 to establish an endowment fund.

Choose How to Designate your Donation


The Endowment Fund

Gifts to the endowment fund are invested in perpetuity and a portion of the investment income funds equine-assisted services and activities each year, helping to maintain Cloverleaf’s high quality of services to a growing number of clients.


The Unrestricted Gift

Choosing to leave your planned gift unrestricted allows it to be used to meet Cloverleaf’s highest priority needs as determined by the Board of Directors and executive staff.

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If you’ve already provided for a planned gift, we would welcome knowing, so we can recognize you as a member of Cloverleaf’s Legacy Circle. To inform us of your plans, or for more information, please contact Development Director Patrick McCormick or (703) 543-2481.

Types of Planned gifts

There are a number of easy ways to leave a planned gift for Cloverleaf.


A donation — either a specific dollar amount or percentage—from your estate. Generally, it takes just a sentence or two in your will or trust to set up a bequest.

Beneficiary designation on retirement account

Make Cloverleaf a beneficiary on your retirement plan account (such as your IRA or 401K). Most distributions from retirement plans are taxed, but a charitable donation from one is not.

Beneficiary designation on life insurance policy

Make Cloverleaf a beneficiary of a policy that has outlasted its original intended purpose. Instead of letting your policy lapse or cashing out and having to pay taxes, make a tax-free charitable gift.

IRA Distribution

If you are age 70 ½ and over you can make distributions of up to $100,000 a year to Cloverleaf directly from your IRA. These gifts count towards your required minimum distribution and are tax free.

Charitable Trust

Cloverleaf may be named as a beneficiary of either a charitable remainder trust or a charitable lead trust. Tax deductions vary depending on the donor’s life expectancy and the amount invested.

Beneficiary designation on donor advised funds

Make Cloverleaf a beneficiary of your donor advised fund. You can designate that we receive a percentage or the balance of the total remaining assets in the account.

Four Leaf Clover

*Please note that Cloverleaf staff are not financial planning or legal professionals; please consult your financial advisor or attorney to confirm any projected tax benefits or for legal advice.*

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