Sponsor Our Military Program

Sponsor Veterans and service members in need of equine-assisted services.


American Veterans and other service members face a tough array of challenges when they return from active service — most notably, mental and physical disabilities. Cloverleaf Equine Center is proud to offer free equine-assisted services to Veterans in need of our programs.

Like many service members, horses are hyper-vigilant, in tune with their emotional environment, and often provide honest feedback to riders. Working with horses can, in turn, help recovering service members develop and recover self-confidence at their own pace.

Support our military member program and you can make an immediate difference in the life of Veterans and service members who could benefit from working with horses.

How does it work?

Your donation will provide Veterans and recovering service members with the ability to participate in Cloverleaf’s therapeutic riding sessions free of charge – giving them peace of mind and an environment in which to thrive.

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